Should I Become A Nurse – Short Quiz To Answer Should I Become A Nurse

Should I Become A Nurse

Should I Become A Nurse

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If you are considering a career in health care and wondering should I become a nurse, you need to consider more than just the job requirements before you answer the question should I become a nurse. Some of the most important qualities of excellent nurses are not taught in any school. They are personal attributes. So grab a delicious drink and take the following quiz to see if you are suited for a nursing career. If you answer yes to all the questions, you just might have the makings of a great nurse.

Should I become a nurse personality quiz…

01) Do you have effective management skills?

02) Can you handle a high stress level? In other words, will you be able to work in a stressful environment without burning out? When you are feeling high levels of stress, do you have effective ways to handle it?

03) Can you follow procedures and stay highly organized?

04) Can you prioritize high level tasks?

05) Do you have a stable disposition?

06) Can you keep a level head when there is chaos all around you?

07) Are you flexible? Your workload, workplace and job description can quickly change in shortage areas.

08) Can you nurture without getting drawn into the emotion? You will need to care about patients without getting personally involved in their lives. A nurse/patient relationship can be a very strong bond and you need to stay objective.

09) Do you have physical stamina?

10) Endurance is an important physical trait. Can you stand or walk for most of the workday? Long shift hours and overtime are common.

11) Are you fit and strong enough to maneuver heavy medical equipment? You will also need to help lift and assist patients.

12) Do you have a deep sense of compassion?

13) Can you be supportive and empathize with a critically ill patient’s family members?

14) Do you have a true sense of service to others without the need for materialistic rewards.

Is nursing really for me – 2 questions about your skills…

01) Do you have strong academic skills? Mastery of algebra, English and science classes are necessary in nursing. Nurses operate advanced medical equipment, administer medicine, write patient records, recording and analyze symptoms, evaluate patient status and much more.

02) Do you have training as a counselor or instructor? Nurses develop home health care instructions, train family members on home procedures, educate patients and families about diagnosis, conditions, treatments and consequences. Nurses provide advice and emotional support to patients and families. They initiate grief counseling and provide resources.

Should I become a nurse midwife, anesthetist, practitioner or a doctor?…

If your answers were all positive, you can narrow your focus. Instead of should I become a nurse, ask should I become a nurse or a midwife? If you want to help women give birth, look into the requirements of becoming a midwife. A midwife often takes the place of a doctor during the birthing experience.

If you want to work in a specialized field with higher pay, check out the job description for a nurse anesthetist. Your knowledge of chemistry, physics and algebra is important for this job.

If you answered all questions in the should I become a nurse quiz with a yes, you might consider asking, should I become a nurse practitioner or a doctor? More education is needed but the foundation is similar. Nurse practitioners require less schooling than a doctor while some parts of the job description are similar. The salary for both jobs is considerably more.

If you are still asking, should I become a nurse, talk to a professional in the field or shadow a nurse for a day to get first-hand experience.

Should I Become A Nurse CopyScape

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